Yesterday, 30th January, we celebrated Peace Day at the highschool. Students wrote messages to form the symbol of peace.

Ayer, 30 de enero, celebramos el día de la Paz en el instituto. Los alumnos escribieron mensajes para formar con ellos el símbolo de la Paz.



Our students are great at writing about their e1859671xperinces. This is an amazing writing about Nerea’s experience at a summer camp. Congratulations Nerea!!

«The first time I went to a summer camp, I was very nervous because I didn’t know if I would like the experience. But nowadays I want to tell you that I have been to 5 different summer camps, and in my opinion, going to a summer camp is an incredible experince. It is true that some of them had a lot a rules.

Last year I went to a summer camp that was in the mountains. It was so tiny and all the people had to wear the camp uniform. Wearibg it was essential. Ii the mornings we could ride a horse, play tennis or go to the gym. Then, we went to have lunch and after that we took a nap. My favourite moments were at night because we sat around the fire and all the campers had to tell a story. If you didn’t wan to, you were punished.It was forbidden to go out of the rooms at night.

The weather was fantastic the whole week and the teachers were very nice. Every day I was exhausted but I loved this experience, so all the teenagers and kids should try it!»

Nerea Lafuente 3º C