My ideal shopping centre


Can you describe your ideal shopping centre? The students in the class 2º Bil have written about their ideal shopping centre.


In my ideal shopping centre there are two Olympic-sized ice rinks. There are 50 cafés and 100 clothes shops. My favourite place is the underwater zoo. In the shopping centre there are 32 cinema screens. There are 40 newsagents. In the shopping centre there are 42 sweet shops. There aren’t any libraries. There are 43 sport shops and 33 electronics shops. There are 24 shoe shops. In the shopping centre there are 20 cosmetics shops.


My idea shopping centre has got 20 shops, 5 cafés and restaurants, 7 cinema screens. More than 10 million people visit the mall every year.

Today is Monday . There aren’t many people beacuse people are working today. Some people are coming to visit because they are foreigners and they sleep in the hotel.

The shops are good because they aren’t very expensive and they have clothes that are in fashion. There are some supermarkets as well.

The restaurants have meals from all over the world and the cinema screens have all the movies.


My shopping centre is very big. It is like twenty football fields. There are seventeen cafés and one thousand shops. There are seven Starbucks, three Decathlon, two Primarks and ten Stradivarius.


My ideal shopping centre hasn’t got any libraries or schools. My favourite shopping centre has got six hundred hunting shops and five hundred fishing shops.

My shopping centre has got one hundred sweet shops. It has also got ten cinemas and sixteen Decathlon shops.

In my ideal shopping centre there are five “Solo porteros” shops.

I love this shopping centre.


My ideal shopping centre is in the deset. In this shopping centre there is a big lake to go fishing, a mountain to go hunting and a bullring. Also there is an olympic stadium and a ski station.Clearly there are stores, many stores. There are one thousand stores of sport, hunt, fishing, cosmetics, clothes, phones and many more. This is my favourite shopping centre because it is very big.


The Water shopping centre has got a big aquarium in the middle of the mall. It has got thirty clothes shops, ten bookshops, ten sports shops, five pet shops, ten cinemas and an ice rink. Also, there is a big library. It has two floors. And that’s not all, outside there is a lake where you can sail in canoes and go fishing.



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