My favourite hero or villain

The students of 2nd Bil have written about their favourite characters. What is your favourite hero or villain?

5daabadc254db19dd39c82e46053ab0bTHE EVIL QUEEN

Film: Snow White

I like this film because it is very beautiful but the evil queen is violent and evil and she can’t stand that there is one girl who is more beautiful than her.




LORD VOLTEMORTcnmmjqawcaeud0y

Film: Harry Potter

Played by: Frank Dillane.

I love this film, I have seen all the movies.

I like lord Voltemor because his face is funny. I also like when Harry and Voltemort fight. I love this movie but my mother doesn’t because Voltemort has got a snake and my mother doesn’t like snakes.

Famours phrase: ” You let your friend die for you, Potter”


662803-simpsons_sideshowbob2SECONDARY ACTOR BOB

TV Series: The simpsons

The Simpsons is my favourite TV series and secondary actor Bob is the Villain. He wants to kill Bart. He is very funny because he can never kill Bart. This is a cartoon and a comedy TV series, but my father doesn’t like it because they say a lot of nonsenses. He is wearing big shoes of clown and he has got hair like a rocker.

Famous phrase: Any children problem?



Film: star wars.vgvmlwi__1499002857

Played by: Mark Hamill.

I love this film because luke is a salvager. He lives with two old people who found him. When he was younger, he went to look for adventures. He is a character who loves helping other people and he is very brave. I like his courage.

Famous phrase: may the force be with you.



Film: It

This is one of my favourite villains in horror films. IT  is a demon with the form of a clown but he can adopt the form of other things. He appears before the universe and he is inmortal! H adopts the form of the horrors of the people and he captures kids to eat them.

Famous phrase: You will also float.




Film: The Avengers

Played by: Jack Kirby

He is the  best hero because he is strong and he is a good person. I love when he transforms his body.

Famous phrase: Hulk is angry!.



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